It all began with his very first watch in 2001, an Omega Seamaster 300. His appreciation for sophisticated design, precision movements and the quality materials used in watches has grown into a private collection that includes limited editions and majority into vintage watches. To complement his styling and personality, he dresses watches with a selection of leather  brands and nato straps. Your watch doesn’t have to be expensive to look sophisticated; even a cheap watch can look nice and add a touch of class to your style. You can dress your watch with a diversity of sophisticated retro looks from our select range of leather accessories. Our accessories can enhance the look and feel of your timepiece to highlight your unique style and personality.


In Australia, product availability is quite limited when it comes to vintage style watch accessories so I was driven to provide a solution. I created a diverse range of accessories with a retro sophistication that I know my fellow watch enthusiasts will enjoy and can incorporate into their everyday style. Most of our leather products are manufactured in Italy where each one is handcrafted with love, treated with vegetable oils and other natural elements to achieve a unique vintage look and feel. Even the stitching and material used are specifically designed to complement the vintage look. I sincerely hope you enjoy my collection of timelessly fashionable straps and accessories.