VT Valet Tray


VT Valet Tray is made out of premium leathers with hand cut and hand stitched. This is custom made to order and you can choose from other colors based on availability.

Flat measurement is 230mm square wide 45mm depth. usable 14omm square when formed into tray.


Valet Trays are essential for every household especially if you want your daily accessories in one place. Watch, keys, mobile, ring and cash where you can store them. Valet Trays are hand cut and hand stitch out from premium leathers. These are made to order and please allow 2 weeks turn around to made and ship to your doorsteps. It is durable and prevent your wrist watch or jewelry from scratching when not been worn. Each corner has snaps where you can formed into tray nicely or can use it in flat position.

These Trays are custom made to order. Please email for more information or size and color availability.


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