VT Vintage Blu Leather 20mm


Featured Vintage Blu Leather Straps bring such coolness and contrast pairing with white dial time piece to give that clean cut appeal.

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VT vintage straps are uniquely made by hand with such care and passion as each straps are unique and special. The rich and soft leather adds such a classic straight cut and minimalism to your time piece. You can pair up with your modern and vintage time piece for every day wear to match with your belt and boots. The texture and softness of the strap gives such look and feel which snuggle nicely on your wrist. They are hand stitched and treated with passion using traditional aging process using natural and vegetable oil up to 6 weeks in a tube. They are birth from Lucca – Tuscany in Italy using finest quality of material and craftsmanship. It featured with cream colour minimal stitching.


The Strap is 20mm wide and tapered down to 18mm

Length is 120mm long at 12 o’clock and 70mm long at 6 o’clock without buckle.

Each strap is unique especially on leather based on the cut and part of the leather which can deviation from shown pictures. No two straps are identical which gives uniqueness.  


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